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EV Training

Empower your future with a career in EV technology

Welcome to Abhiyantriki aka Engineer’s garage where we’re driving the future of the green transportation through technical education.  Electric Vehicle (EV) training programs @ Abhiyantriki are designed to empower every individuals and professionals with all the required knowledge and skills that are must needed in the current and future market to excel in the rapidly evolving world of electric mobility.

Training Programs Offered:

1. Basic EV Fundamentals:

  • Unlock the foundational knowledge of electric vehicles. From understanding key components to grasping the principles of electric propulsion, this program lays the groundwork for anyone eager to delve into the exciting realm of EVs.
2. Advanced EV Diagnostics and Repairs:
  • Take your skills to the next level with our Advanced EV Diagnostics and Repairs program. Learn to troubleshoot, diagnose, and efficiently repair intricate EV systems. Stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of electric vehicle technology.
3. EV Designs:
  • Delve into the intricacies of Electric Vehicle Designs. Explore the aesthetics, engineering principles, and cutting-edge design considerations that shape the form and function of electric vehicles. Unleash your creativity in the world of sustainable transportation.
4. EV System Engineering:
  • Master the art of EV System Engineering. From powertrain optimization to battery management systems, this program equips you with the expertise to engineer efficient and reliable electric vehicle systems.
5. EV Retrofitting:
  • Revolutionize existing vehicles with our EV Retrofitting program. Learn the techniques and technologies to convert traditional vehicles into electric powerhouses. Contribute to the sustainability revolution by breathing new life into the automotive world.
6. EV Assembly:
  • Experience hands-on learning with our EV Assembly program. From integrating components to ensuring seamless operation, gain the practical skills needed to assemble electric vehicles. Be at the forefront of shaping the future of automotive assembly.

Your Journey to a green job starts here

Fasten your seat belt to fly on a learning journey that shapes the future of green transportation. Join Abhiyantriki and become a leader in the exciting world of electric mobility.