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EV Retrofitting

Welcome to Abhiyantriki Karmashala Pvt Ltd, where we bring innovation to the roads by transforming traditional vehicles into cutting-edge electric powerhouses through our Electric Vehicle (EV) Retrofitting services.

key services offered:

1. 3D Design and Visualization:

  • Advanced 3D modeling to visualize the retrofitting process.
  • Precise planning for optimal component placement and system integration.
2. Vehicle Inspection and Assessment:
  • Thorough examination of the vehicle's structure, components, and systems.
  • Identification of areas for enhancement and optimization.
3. Electric Powertrain Integration:
  • Precision engineering for the seamless integration of electric powertrains.
  • Selection and placement of high-performance motors for superior efficiency.
4. Battery Integration:
  • Expert installation of high-performance batteries, carefully selected to match the power requirements of your vehicle.
  • Optimization of battery placement for enhanced balance and performance.
5. Battery System Optimization:
  • Careful design and installation of battery systems tailored to the vehicle's specifications.
  • Optimization of battery placement for balanced weight distribution.
6. Range Optimization:
  • Customized solutions to maximize the range of your retrofitted EV, ensuring practicality and usability in various driving conditions.
7. Smart Charging Solutions:
  • Seamless incorporation of smart charging systems, allowing for convenient and efficient charging at home or public charging stations.
  • Integration with mobile apps for remote monitoring and control.

Ready for an Electric Upgrade?

Transform your vehicle into a sustainable marvel with Abhiyantriki Karmashala. Whether you’re a vintage car enthusiast, public vehicle operator, a fleet manager, or an individual seeking an eco-friendly commute, our EV Retrofitting services are designed to elevate your driving experience.