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EV Repair & maintenance

Welcome to Engineer’s garage @ Abhiyantriki Karmashala, your most trusted partner for keeping your electric vehicle (EV) always in best condition. Our dedicated and well trained team of technicians specializes in EV repairs and maintenance, ensuring that your vehicle stays on the road for years to come.

key services offered:

  1. Diagnostic checks: Our well trained technicians use best diagnostic tools to diagnose the technical issues accurately, ensuring a best X-ray of your EV's health.
  2. Propulsion System Repairs: From vehicle’s electric motor issues to the overall powertrain system concerns, our technical team is well equipped to handle a wide range of specific repairs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency of every kinds of electric vehicles.
  3. Battery and charger maintenance: We ensure you to reserve the heart of your green mobility. Our maintenance services include inspections, capacity analysis, and optimizations to extend the range and life of your electric vehicle's energy source keeping the charging system of your vehicle in peak condition.
  4. Body work: We are best in Nation to repair all kinds of body repairs and paint jobs. We specialized in customization of body (exterior and interior) as well.

Schedule Your EV Service Today

Get ready to experience top-notch EV related service. Schedule all kinds of your repairs and maintenance with Engineer’s garage and enjoy your peace of mind that comes with our expert care for your eco-conscious silent drive.