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Electric Boat


Design Phase

Navigating Waters of the Future: Electric Boats by Abhiyantriki

Embark on a revolutionary journey on the water with Abhiyantriki’s Electric Boats. Redefining maritime travel, our electric boats blend elegance, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology to provide a silent and eco-friendly boating experience.
Background and Description:

Cruise the waters with a conscience – our electric boats offer a serene and environmentally responsible alternative to traditional marine propulsion. Engineered for both leisure and professional use, these electric boats promise a tranquil voyage with minimal impact on aquatic ecosystems.


  • Emission-Free Exploration: Lead the charge in sustainable maritime practices by choosing our electric boats, contributing to cleaner waterways and reduced carbon footprints.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Enjoy the tranquility of electric propulsion, where the absence of engine noise enhances the peacefulness of your aquatic adventures.
  • Innovative Maritime Solutions: Embrace advanced technology that propels your boating experience into the future, combining performance, efficiency, and environmental consciousness.

Product and Service Details:

  • Silent Electric Propulsion: Our electric boats feature silent electric motors, ensuring a peaceful on-water experience without the noise and vibrations associated with traditional engines.
  • Swappable Battery Performance: Powered by state-of-the-art battery technology, our boats provide extended cruising ranges, allowing you to explore waterways without interruptions.
  • Smart Navigation Systems: Integrated with smart navigation solutions, our electric boats offer ease of control, safety features, and efficient route planning.

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Ready to Set Sail into the Future?

Navigate the waters of tomorrow with our Electric Boats. Contact us today to explore our range, schedule a demonstration, and embark on a journey that harmonizes with the environment. Let’s sail into a sustainable maritime future together!